Welcome to Tim Hsu Yee Feng's Website

Hong Kong

Asia's World City

Use to live in the US, but now, living in HK since 2008 and enjoying every moment of this wonderful city.

Home Entertainment

Game System

My ultimate home gaming system. Time to get in the action!


Pet Dog

My loyal companion, man's best friend. He's 10 years old and very hard-headed, arrogant, and full of energy.

These are my current interest ...


The most disruptive technology to hit the internet. This will rewrite the traditional financial system and unbank the banks as we know it.

Texas Hold'em

I'm learning to play Texas Hold'em these days. Don't know if I'll ever go broke, I may need another skill to hustle some money.


I have loved programming since a young teen. I started in web development, then moved to C++, then C# .NET. Now, I know a bit of everything, more like a full stack developer, or a jack of all trades.


I love Japanese Anime since forever. Some of my favorites are Dragon Ball, One Punch Man, Vampire Hunter D, Hikaru No Go, Death Note, Kaji Kun, Initial D, and many many more...


Games has always been part of my life. I was very active in gaming and have owned almost all major console. Now I am mostly active on PC with titles such as Grim Dawn, Diablo 3, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, MTGO, etc.


I wish I have more time for this, as traveling has always been my favorite outdoor activity. I have visit many cities and countries but it is still not enough. I wish to travel around the world someday.

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune

This is my most favorite past time at the moment:

  • Very Competitive!
  • Exhilarating and blood pumping
  • 1v1 battles or 4 player free for all
  • Choose among many cars from multiple manufacturers
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master

Believe it or not, I love heading out to the local arcades here at HK just to fix my addiction to a good ol' racing game. The cabinets offer a 4 player experience and so it can be very competitive.

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